Green-R  Turf carries all you need to get started for all your Artificial Grass installation. We consider our company the “one-stop shop”. Not only do we simply stock quality Artificial Grass, but we also offer the following products:

Artificial Grass – Durafill

What is Durafill?

DURAFILL is the latest technology in infill product for artificial grass. The following are some of the many benefits of Durafill; Animal Urine and other external elements are not absorbed which eliminates building bacterial spores within the infill product. Durafill does not degradate over time and does not need repeated applications. Durafill does not become blistering hot in the heat which would otherwise cause more heat by transfer to the synthetic grass. Durafill is environmentally safe and does not contain silica dust, zinc or heavy metals.

 Artificial Grass Products     Artificial Grass Products

Artificial Grass Products     grt turf maintenance

Artificial Grass Products

Install Accessories

Green-R Turf carries everything you need from start to finish on all your artificial grass installations. We like to call ourselves the one stop shop. Not only do we carry quality turf we stock:


• Industry Standard Infills: Rubber & Copperslag

•Ground Sod Staples: 6x1x6, 11 gauge, Flat Top

•Nails: 60D, 6″ Grip Rite

•Weed Cloth: 100% Polyproylene, 0% Absorption Rate

Putting Green




•Knobs *sold as a set.

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