Evergreen Pro Artificial Grass

Recommended use: Moderate Traffic

Evergreen Pro Artificial Grass is one of the latest products in our lines of high quality artificial grasses. The unique composition and  less uniform blade design along with a mixture of field green and lime green colors accurately replicate real grass. The soft texture of the blades make this turf ideal for any residential yard or commercial application.

Evergreen Pro is fitted with our Signature Green-R Turf Tough backing. That means you can depend on a highly dependable turf product that comes with an eight year warranty.

Evergreen Pro


Field/Lime Green/Brown thatch

Yarn Type:   

Polyethylene Monofilament with thatch.

Face Weight: 

80 oz

Pile Height:   

1.875 in.



Main Advantage

s• Designed to truly replicate grass

• 1 .875 in. blade height to achieve a natural    appearance

• Uniquely formulated polyurethane coated backing

• Heat and Frost resistant, UV stabilized

• No harmful environmental effects Non-flammable, ant-acid yarn resistant to attack


Turf Characteristics

• Pile/Face Weight: 80oz

• Pile Height: 1.875 in.

• Machine Gauge: 3/8 in.

Manufactured Rolls

• Width: 15ft.

• Length: 100ft.

Shipping Weight: 1067lbs

Roll Diameter: 24 in


Particulate Infill

•Type: Quality Infill/Durafill

•Size/Range: 16/30 mesh


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