Artificial Grass Landscape Products



Green-R Turf has everything you need to transform your application.  Aside from carrying most advance artificial grass products, we stock every tool and accessories you can get the job completed.

Looking for non-galvanized nails? Got them!  Fresh out of turf staples? Look no further! Need Infill?  Give us a call.  Green-R Turf has your back; whether you are an experienced landscaper or a Do-It-Yourself homeowner. Our goal is to make your job easier.

Green-R Turf carries everything you need to get started for all your artificial grass landscape. We consider our company the “one-stop shop” for our artificial grass and artificial grass landscape products.

Wonder Edge

Artificial Grass Landscape ProductsWonder Edge is an excellent solution for a fast, neat, and simple turf edge. No digging, trenching, or stakes required. Install right on top of sub-base using nail spikes or over concrete using adhesive.



Seam Tool

Artificial Grass Landscape Products

The Seam Tool, also known as “Super-Seamer”. It alleviates the “Mohawk effect” that will often happen when applying artificial grass.. In four simple steps, the turf seaming process can become easier and more efficient when using this ‘S’ shaped tool.


Ground Sod Staples

Artificial Grass Landscape Products

In the application process, staples are necessary because they help secure artificial grass to the ground. For different application cases, staples may be used in lieu of glue and seaming tape for various treatments. Artificial grass with staples eliminates the possibility of disfigured and/or discolored turf. Our staples have an 11-inch gauge and are flat on top.



Artificial Grass Landscape Products

Our nails are six-inch non-galvanized nails and should be applied to the perimeter of the turf. The nails are an important part of the project and require a special attention. It is recommended to use non-galvanized nails in order to further secure the turf to the base material. Non-galvanized nails expand and rust over time, which create a greater more secure hold on the artificial grass.


 Poly Board

Artificial Grass Landscape ProductsPoly Board is an ideal landscape tool for separating grass from planter beds and helps the base materials stay in place. This hard composite plastic comes 1” thick  x 4 “ wide x 20’ in length and is featured in a natural brown color.Durable plastic material stands the test of time
- Pliability makes it ideal for a variety of projects
- Strength withstands weather and the human element
- Made with recycled plastic
- Sold in strips of 1″ x 4″ x 20′
- Made in the USA

Poly board is a remarkable alternative to today’s lawn edging products. Poly board is quickly becoming the preferred product for landscape applications in both the home and commercial landscaping industries.

Poly board is superior to other lawn edging products because of its durability and multiple uses. It looks like redwood, but performs like plastic. Its strength and rigidity allow for easy landscape application and its joints interlock for a streamline appearance  Poly board can bend and curve to fit all your landscaping needs.


- Look of redwood is an attractive feature for any project.
- Lasts longer than other lawn edging products.
- Waterproof.
- Won’t rot, split or crack.
- Thicker and stronger than other lawn edging products.
- Resists damage caused by weed-whackers and lawn mowers.
- Environmentally friendly.
- Simplifies lawn maintenance.
- Can be used multiple times for forming concrete walkways and patios.

Pliable plastic material bends and conforms to a variety of shapes. Durability withstands multiple uses; very useful when forming concrete walkways and patios. Lasts longer than similar products made of wood. Polyboard is the most durable in lawn edging.

Tapered ends fit snugly together for a clean fit. Ends are strong and resist chipping and breakage.

Made from recycled materials for strength and environmental awareness. Sheds water and withstands damage caused by weed-whackers and lawn mowers. Material resembles beautiful redwood, but maintains the durability of plastic.

Landscape Application is similar to other edging products, requiring tools such as edgers, shovel, spade, trowel, mallet, string, rake, etc.

Poly Board Stakes

Our stakes are made of a hard composite plastic featured in a brown color. Stakes accompany and anchor turf to the poly board.

Artificial Grass Landscape Products- Durable plastic material stands the test of time
- Pliability makes it ideal for a variety of projects
- Strength withstands weather and the human element
- Made with recycled plastic
- 6″ Stakes
- Made in the USA


Seam Tape

Artificial Grass Landscape ProductsThis tape is two-sided non-adhesive and is 12 inches in width. Once finished with the seaming process, seaming tape can be applied along with turf adhesive. The adhesive needs to be applied to the dull side of the tape. The tape comes at any custom length with a maximum length of 328 feet per roll.



Turf Adhesive

Artificial Grass Landscape ProductsTurf adhesive is a one-part polyurethane  substance that is applied to the dull side of seaming tape to glue turf seams together. For faster activation, spritz water on the substance and apply a minimal 19 pounds of pressure to glued area for a six-hour duration.



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