Artificial Grass Landscapes 

Artificial Grass Landscapes are not just for putting greens anymore, artificial turf is rising in popularity for all homeowners. Artificial lawns look and feel as natural grass and is durable enough to retain its flawless appearance in any weather or soil conditions.Green-R Turf offer artificial grass that is lead free and safe for children and pets.

  • Artificial Grass in light, medium, or heavy traffic grades.
  • Artificial Pet Systems.
  • Artificial Grass Putting Greens.
  • Artificial Grass Landscapes and Hardscapes.
  • Artificial Grass  Landscapes for Residential and Commercial.

Our  Artificial Grass Landscapes are great for high traffic areas and is built to maintain its beauty, flawless appearance year-round. No more mowing, fertilizing, and watering, ever. Bring the heat, the cold, let it rain, or even snow. No matter what the weather conditions your yard remains perfect. And because it requires no water you can expect lower water bills year round.

Our Artificial Grass Landscape comes in a wide variety of looks and various materials that are engineered for virtually all types of use. Whether you are a homeowner looking to give your house that much needed makeover, or an installation company that requires only the best in quality turf products to set yourself apart from the rest, we are there to suit your specific needs.

Our team of experts makes design, and installation quick and easy. We’ll work with you and the area we’re installing in to make it fit your yard’s unique contours.

Artificial Grass Landscapes:

Our home and garden products are second to none. Green-R Turf artificial lawns provide the look and feel of healthy, natural grass, yet offer the family and pets all of the benefits of the latest synthetic solutions that no other artificial grass company can match. Green-R Turf has been extensively tested and has proven to be a safe addition for any residential or commercial business.

Artificial Grass Putting Greens:

Our artificial grass putting greens have been tested to the highest standards by scientists and golf professionals alike. Whether you are a die-hard golf player looking to improve your game or a causal player interested in having some fun. or a business owner who would like to impress your clients and partners alike rest assured that Green-R Turf has a solution for you. Synthetic putting greens are also a welcome addition into any home or business as well as beautiful architectural focal point.

Artificial Sports Turf:

Artificial Sports Turfs have been created to directly mimic real grass fields and provide a safe and comfortable haven for any and all sports players. Regardless of the system you choose, each delivers every desirable aspect of optimum natural turf without the extensive maintenance.

Artificial Pet Grass:

Say goodbye to dead grass, mud-spots, holes, and pet messes. Green-R Turf artificial grass is state of the art synthetic grass has now engineered products specifically tailored for dogs. Our pet system is

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