Commercial Artificial Grass Landscapes

Commercial Artificial Grass Landscapes provides the look and fell of natural grass.

Commercial Artificial Grass LandscapesIn the beginning there were sports fields fitted with artificial turf and shortly after in residential back yards became the new trend of artificial grass oasis. Now civic and commercial landscapes such as parks, medians, greenbelts, office complexes have embraced artificial grass for their diverse landscaping demands.

Beautiful and Always Green: Qualities that make a artificial lawn a smart choice for residential use are magnified in larger-scale in commercial landscape design. Today’s artificial turf looks and feels as real grass; it’s soft, silky, and resilient that blends perfectly with shrubs, trees and flowers. Unlike natural grass, Green-R Turf artificial grass does not need constant care to stay beautiful – meaning no watering or mowing, no fertilizing or weeding and no paying someone to take care of your lawn.

Low maintenance characteristics mean you won’t be seeing or hearing much of the usual landscaping crews. Customers or patrons won’t be interrupted by weed-trimmers, sweepers or sprayers, and they won’t be walking through sprinklers or puddles.

In the last 10 years, great improvements have been made in the facade of artificial grass. There are many great-looking varieties of artificial turf, and the appearance will surprise you. Commercial Artificial Grass Landscapes can add value and appeal to any property. Golf Turf is an excellent source of entertainment and can be used in a range of places such as:

  • Apartment complexes
  • Condo Associations
  • Golf practice ranges & facilities
  • Offices
  • Schools
  • Shopping Mall landscaping
  • Senior Living Communities

There are several artificial grass products on the market today. Though there have been technological advances within the industry over the years, it is clear that many products fall short of Green-R Turf’s quality. We pride ourselves providing today’s best and most technologically advanced artificial turf products.


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Commercial Artificial Grass Landscapes

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Commercial Artificial Grass Landscapes


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