Artificial Grass for Dogs

Every artificial grass for dogs is unique. There is no doubt that artificial grass enhances your home landscape; yet the essential aspect of installation is the performance. Unlike other artificial turf companies, Green-R Turf understands the dog waste and  unwanted stench of urine. Green-R Turf understands that no home wants the unpleasant of urine odor; so Green-R Turf utilizes a 5 Step Installation process that focuses on aeration, drainage, neutralization and course the luxury landscape of your home.

Each installation step compliments each other to create a perfect combination of fresh smelling artificial grass for dogs.

1. Antibacterial Durafill.

Durafill is the latest technology in infill product for artificial grass for dogs.  The essential key to this product is that animal urine and other elements are not absorbed andthis eliminates bacterial spores buildup. It does not degrade over time and does not need repeated applications. Most importantly, Durafill does not become blistering hot in the heat and Durafill is environmentally safe and does not contain silica dust, zinc or heavy metals.

2. Urine Neutralizing ATD.

ATD is an infill product that is intended for artificial grass for dogs and all pets. It is the only infill with a negatively charge ion that prevents common pet smells caused by ammonia. In the end, your turf will resist unpleasant odors as your pet’s takes care of business. ATD is pet friendly, child safe and can be used alone or mixed with other artificial grass infills.  In addition, ATD can be added to existing artificial turf installations to control odor.

3. UV stabilized Pet Grass.

Riley’s Artificial Grass is designed for comfort and durability. The artificial grass is coated with polyurethane backing and can withstand moderate to heavy foot traffic, rough play and stress.

4. Perforated Drain Core.

Draincore ensures adequate drainage for our artificial grass for dogs systems and became leader of artificial grass installation by replacing stone and metal pipes. Draincore is a perforated backing that provides an additional drain system to our perforated turf. The water will flow through the backing at a higher rate and is easier to install.

5. Non-toxic Turf Fresh.

Turf Fresh keeps your artificial grass FRESH!!! It is the perfect solution for dog owners who want to avoid unwanted smells. When applied directly to your artificial grass, Turf Fresh’s active enzymes break down odor-causing bacteria; it is an organic solution, safe for pets, children and family

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Artificial Grass For Dogs

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