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Every Pet Artificial Grass Installation is unique. Our tough turf and drainage system help make life easier by creating a yard that requires minimal maintenance. Plus, it’s safe as our artificial turf contains no lead, harmful pesticides, and fertilizers, and when your pet has to go, our no mess surface is easy to clean. Call us Today +1 (951) 532-2861.

Say Goodbye to Dead Grass, Muddy Holes & Daily Maintenance.

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Pet Artificial Grass

Green-R Turf Pet Artificial Grass System utilizes a five-step process to drastically curtail odor issues by focusing on aeration, drainage, neutralization and of course beauty. Each step of our system compliments the other to create the perfect combination of great looking and fresh smelling artificial grass. From our antibacterial Zeolite Max, urine neutralizing ATD, UV stabilized Riley’s Pet Turf, Perforated Drain Core to our non-toxic Turf Fresh.

This system was designed to meet the needs of pet owners. Whether you have one small pet or a whole family of large animals, the Turf Core Drain System is what you need. All of the products in our system have been tested and are safe not only for your pet but also the environment and most importantly you.

Pet-Friendly Facts:

  • No tracking of dirt or mud into your home.
  • No Urine or dead grass spots.
  • Easy to Clean-up.
  • Optimal Drainage.
  • Very little maintenance required.




Your pet is essential to your family, and that is why they deserve superior artificial grass from Green-R Turf. Our durable pet artificial turf system ensures a safe, fun and low maintenance environment for your family and pets. Our products ensure that your lawn will not fall victim to brown spots, holes or buried bones. Most of all, cleanup is as easy as hosing it down.

Our Pet System is perfect for homes, animal shelters, kennels, and dog runs of all sizes. Dogs from Yorkies and Labradors to St. Bernard’s will enjoy our Pet Artificial Grass System as it will withstand the roughest play.

Pet System Products

Drain Core

Pet Artificial Grass System - Green-R Turf Artificial Grass Landscapes

Drain Core ensures adequate drainage for your synthetic turf. It came to the forefront of turf technology in replacement of stone and metal pipes.


Pet Artificial Grass System - Green-R Turf Artificial Grass Landscapes

An infill substitute that is intended for turf that’s used by pets: It’s the only infill with a negatively charged ion that prevents common pet smells caused by ammonia from becoming a gas.

Turf Fresh

Pet Artificial Grass System - Green-R Turf Artificial Grass Landscapes

Turf Fresh does just that–it keeps your turf fresh! It’s the perfect solution for pet owners who want to avoid lingering smells caused by their furry friends.

Pet Artificial Grass System - Riley's Pet Grass, Corona

Riley’s Pet Grass

Riley’s Pet Grass is designed for comfort and durability. With a coated with polyurethane backing, Pet Turf can withstand moderate to heavy foot traffic, rough play and consistent stress.
Green-R-Turf Rhino Fescue Grass wide

Rhino Fescue

This turf features a superior backing technology, and perforation, which allows pet urine, rain or any liquid to pass through without difficulty quickly.

Green-R-Turf Rhino Extreme Fescue Grass wide

Rhino Extreme Fescue

This turf can handle all types of heavy foot traffic! In addition to an incredibly strong backing, the perforated backing allows liquids to pass through for easy drainage! Spray additional residue with a garden hose to clean.
Green-R-Turf Rhino Spring Grass wide

Rhino Spring

Features a powerful tuft bind technology; the perforated backing allows liquids to pass through quickly, and your turf remains beautiful!

Green-R-Turf-Rhino Extreme Spring Grass wide

Rhino Extreme Spring

This turf features a triple reinforced backing technology known as ‘tuft bind’ where the grass blades are secured to the backing. It creates an extreme resistance to pull force and allows liquids pass through with no added mess to the lawn!

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