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Retaining Walls have been traditionally made out of blocks of stone. In the modern world, the retaining wall blocks are made out of concrete. Yet the purpose remains the same, to prevent soil erosion and to maintain the contours of the land.

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Retaining Walls

Retaining wall can add beauty and space to your yard by holding back soil or slopes to regain space and make it usable landscape. They are strong and durable, and available in different materials. These walls can be freestanding or retained depending on its purpose and available space.

Types of Retaining Walls Used in Landscapes:

Start modernizing your outdoor hillside, by adding retaining walls, cinder block walls, stucco walls, or concrete walls to your old yard and create a new landscape design that looks structured, high end, and segmented.

Structural retaining walls:

Built for a specific function for your property, retaining wall can add usable space for extra garden or flowerbed.  Used to prevent soil erosion, a structural retaining wall handles water drainage issues, create different levels in a garden, maintain a slope, and support vertical grade changes.

Decorative retaining walls:

We can also build decorative retaining walls and landscaping tiers to add usable space and beauty to your outdoors. Use a retaining wall as accent garden feature, as a base for a fence, seats, or even around a tree.

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