Sports Field Artificial GrassSports Field Artificial Grass continues to be the best possible surface for high-level outdoor field athletics ranging from football and soccer to baseball and tennis, as field turf offers a number of economical and performance benefits that natural grass can not compete with.

Artificial Grass is great for all Field Sports

Sports Field Artificial Grass is great for all Field Sports Football, Baseball & Soccer fields. Artificial Grass is the best solution for sports fields.

There are great cost savings in using artificial grass as it requires minimal upkeep. The care of Sports Field Artificial Grass generally only needs brushing, sweeping, or aerating to maintain the quality of the field. Brushing is used to keep blades separated and upright, as well as keeping the infill level. Sweeping is employed to remove debris such as leaves that could possibly affect the field surface, while, aeration of the field turf is to ensure that the infill layer is not compacted. A Sports Field Artificial Grass drainage system manually drains itself, ridding the field of sweat, rain and other liquids, while still allowing water to penetrate through. Additionally, this drainage system protects the field turf from the growth of bacteria, spores and fungus.

Most importantly, field turf aids in water conservation, requiring absolutely no watering; a major plus in comparison to traditional grass sports fields that demand multiple gallons of water to cover their large surface area. This can prove to be highly cost effective during the summer months, where drier weather requires traditional grass to be watered more. Also, in comparison to natural grass fields,Sports Field Artificial Grass is engineered to sustain even the toughest weather conditions, including extreme heat and sun exposure. This allows synthetic grass fields to maintain a green natural looking feel throughout the entire year.

From grass roots to International sports, Green-R Turf’s comprehensive range of artificial playing surfaces are manufactured and supplied across the globe to meet the standards necessary for optimum performance and enjoyment while maintaining safety for the participants. Our synthetic grass sporting systems make for a great alternative to real grass offering full turf fields that require little maintenance and a premium surface for the myriad of activities to be played on them! Each type of artificial sport turf is designed to endure the harshest of environments and provide a level playing field day after day. Green-R Turf’s Sport Line has been specifically engineered to be considerably more durable than natural grass and has proven to withstand much more use than natural grass. Whether your sport is football, soccer, baseball, lacrosse or field hockey we will provide you with the perfect surface that will last you for years to come.

Sports Field Artificial Grass  needs to be ordered and will be customized according to the specific synthetic turf project and along with the following criteria:

• Yarn Type: Slit Film, Monofilament, 2-Tone Color, Yarn Manufacturer.

• Stitch Rate: Gauge, Face Weight, Denier.

• Lines: Hash Marks, Numbers Etc.

• Backing: Any Specification

Any Specifications can be made and delivered directly to your job site in a timely manner. Is your sport on grass? Turn to Green-R Turf Sports Field Artificial Grass — we’ve got a better solution — or we’ll make one.

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