artificial grass installation
artificial grass installation
artificial grass installation 1

Green-R Turf possesses the most up to date knowledge and facts about modern artificial grass products. The following are useful facts about significant aspects of  artificial grass, including yarn technology, style, and installation.

Although often seen as a “Do it yourself” task, installing artificial grass is no easy process. To maximize your artificial grass installation, it is always a great choice to find an installer in your local area. Green-R Turf offers installers who tailor to your needs and are located in your area.

Top Reasons to have Professional Artificial Grass Installation:

1.) Removing Current Landscape: The professional installer understand the correct amount of grass to excavate from your property.

2.) Proper Measurements: Your professional installer will know the exact measurements that are needed for your lawn. When installing artificial grass, your installer can eliminate waste and unnecessary products that will save you money in the long run.

3.) The Infill Process: The proper amount of infill is just as important as picking out the turf. Your installer will understand how much and what kind of infill is needed for your particular landscape application. Infill products will protect your grass from creasing and/or flattening out. When installed by a professional, infill will give your yard the ultimate recovery needed and will protect your investment.

4.) Equipment: An installer will have the equipment needed to transport the turf and infill products to your home and will have access to tools such as carpet kickers, power brooms and viber plates that can be potential safety hazards. It may look easy, but leave it to the professionals!


The early beginnings of artificial grass can be rooted back to the use of mini fibrillated tapes. These tapes were unforgiving fibers with no spine, causing them to tear easily. Now, modern  artificial grass yarns are extruded from melted polypropylene and polyethylene pellets. The extrusion process creates a film of long yarns that are cut into individual yarns. Modern yarns are extruded in different shapes for both resilience and memory. Green-R Turf maintains only the highest quality yarns in the industry.


Several artificial grass applications are installed with generic and unsuitable turf styles, assuming that all turf is similar or that there are a limited variety of products. Low activity regions need to assess density, quality, and aesthetics whereas mid-level activity and higher should have a high-density thatch product installed. Such a product significantly recovers better during grooming and activity, as well as a high quality yarn composition.

Artificial Grass Installation

Note that not all installations are the same. Great aesthetics and long product life are reflective of quality installation. This includes the sculpting of grass surfaces, assessment of surface edges, and how the grass is secured.

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artificial grass installation