Putting Green Products

Extensively tested to the utmost standards, artificalgrass putting greens enhance homes or businesses with an architectural focal point, as well as entertain the family or clients.

Add fun and enjoyment to your backyard with our state of the art putting greens landscapes and putting green products.

Green-R Turf carries the most popular putting green surfaces within the synthetic putting green industry. Each putting green surface is designed specifically for different purposes.

Complete Flag Set

putting green productsOur putting green flag set comes complete with a 5″ x 7″ black and white checkered flag, a 32″ tall matching black and white striped metal pole with base and a 4″ aluminum cup. Cups are also sold individually.




Putting Green Products




•Knobs *sold as a set.

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artificial grass putting green products    artificial grass putting green product

putting green products

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