Artificial Grass Maintenance

Keep it clean

Dust, pollen, and airborne pollutants

Artificial Grass Maintenance relies on rainfall as it is the best artificial grass cleanser. In areas where rainfall is scarce, an occasional water flush is beneficial to cleanse the turf. For care and maintenance of lightly soiled areas, it may be necessary to sponge with a five  percent solution of low suds household detergent in hot water followed by a thorough rinsing with hot water.

For heavily soiled areas, repeat procedure for lightly soiled areas follow with sponge mopping by using a three percent solution of household ammonia in hot water followed by a thorough rinsing with hot water.

Artificial Grass Maintenance with Animal waste

Green-R Turf artificial grass is pet friendly, there is mandatory artificial grass maintenance to keep odors to a minimum. Allow waste to dry and then dispose. If rainfall is not frequent, hose down the pet area regularly to promote the drainage of urine. Consider use of pet-friendly products such as Simple Green or Nature’s Miracle. Depending on the number of dogs and usage from the dogs, enzyme neutralizers may assist you to control odors. Neutralize with mixture of white distilled vinegar in an equal amount of water. Flush thoroughly with water after application.

Artificial Grass Maintenance and Brushing

Brushing is directly related to the amount of foot traffic you have in your artificial grass area. Matting of fibers may occur in areas of high foot traffic, especially if fibers have become soiled with dirt and other airborne pollutants.

Cross Brushing of the turf can help restore the appearance of the artificial grass. “Cross brushing” means brushing  against the grain of the turf fibers. By doing this periodically the fibers are fluffed up. Use a synthetic bristle brush, never use a brush with metal or wire bristles as this will damage the turf fibers.

Please remember that heavier traffic areas may appear different than other areas that do not see heavy traffic. Brushing is highly recommended and a great aspect of artificial grass maintenance. Cross brushing will ensure the full life of Green-R Turf Artificial Grass

Stains and other blemishes

Artificial Grass Maintenance NUMBER ONE  RULE is Promptness. It is always easier to clean up a fresh spill than one that has dried and hardened. Remove any paste like solid with a spatula. Blot up excess liquids with a clean cloth or a dry absorbent, such as kitty litter or fuller’s earth. Dry absorbents can then be swept or vacuumed up afterwards.

Artificial grass fibers have good resistance to staining. Yet it is essential to understand they are only one component of the artificial grass system Cleaning agents are safe for the face fibers but can be harmful to other components of the turf system. Therefore, cleaning agents are grouped into two sets.

The first group of cleaners which can be applied without any special precautions are the following:

“Simple Green”, a bio-friendly cleaner, follow the manufactures’ guidelines.

A three percent solution of ammonia in water may be used in lieu of household detergent for more stubborn stains.

Do not use cleaners that contain chlorine bleaches. Rinse area thoroughly with clean cold water to remove any traces of soap or ammonia. and blot up excessive liquid.

Use a warm, mild solution of household detergent or low suds detergent for fine fabrics. Use approximately one teaspoon to one pint of water.This will handle most waterborne stains including:

  • Urine
  • Blood
  • Ketchup
  • Dye
  • Paint and Water Colors
  • Fruit and Vegetable Juicel
  • Milk
  • Mustard
  • Glue
  • Dye
 The second group of cleaners, where agent must be applied sparingly and  avoid penetration beneath the turf are the following:

Use mineral spirits or a grease spot remover sold by most stores.  Cleansers in this category should handle most oil-based stains including the following:

  • Asphalt, Tar, Motor Oil and Grease
  • Cooking oil and Suntan Oil
  • Paraffin wax
  • Ballpoint Ink and Crayon
  • Nail polish and Lipstick
Caution: mineral spirits and other petroleum based solvents are flammable.
Be sure the area is well ventilated where solvent cleaners are used.

Chewing gum or Tree Sap

Chewing gum and tree sap can be removed by freezing. Aerosol packs of refrigerant are available from most carpet cleaning suppliers for this purpose, or dry ice can be used. After freezing, scrape with a knife.

Fungus or mold spots

A one (1) percent solution of hydrogen peroxide in water can be sponged on to the affected area. Flush thoroughly with clean water after application.

Artificial Grass Maintenance – Do Not Abuse Policy

Green-R Turf artificial grass is made of tough, durable fibers, certain precautions should be taken to prevent damage to the artificial turf.  Our Artificial Grass Maintenance relies on these rules below:

All Furniture and equipment with sharp edges should not be placed on artificial grass. This may puncture or tear the artificial grass.

Keep cigarettes. Fireworks and open flames away from the artificial grass. They cannot ignite the artificial grass yet they can damage the artificial turf by fusing fibers together.

Cap off or remove nearby sprinkler heads. Water from sprinkler systems can leave mineral deposits on turf.

Make sure turf is not exposed to reflected sunlight windows as this may fuse the turf fibers together.

Never leave a parked vehicle idling on the turf.


Green-R Turf offers the latest in infill product technology for artificial grass. It is environmental and pet friendly, withstanding animal urine and elements, preventing the growth of spores and bacteria within turf products. Our infills prevent degradation throughout time and does not need multiple applications. Products with using our infills do not overheat in the sun, preventing overheating of the actual artificial grass. Green-R Turf’s infills are eco-friendly and does not contain zinc, heavy metals, or silica dust.

Artificial Turf Deodorizer (ATD)

artificial grass maintenance- Easy to apply powder
- One-time application
- Neutralizes urine ammonia
- Non-toxic
- Biodegradable


Turf Fresh Odor Eliminator

artificial grass maintenance- Concentrated (many applications)
- Leaves fresh, clean smell
- Non-toxic, safe for pets
- Bio-degradable




artificial grass maintenanceThis granular turf and landscape pre-emergent herbicide provides excellent control of crabgrass, goosegrass, annual bluegrass, spurge, purslane, oxalis, s and broadleaf weeds found in turf and landscape ornamental planting beds. This non-staining formula works at rates up to 12 times lower than similar products and is likely to save you time and money when compared to other popular pre-emergent products.



Artificial Grass Maintenance

Artificial Grass Maintenance


Artificial Grass Maintenance: 

Artificial Grass Maintenance:


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